Sunday, 11 August 2013

Most Usage Of Computer Is Dangerous For Health

Today the pepoles around the whole world taking intrest in the computer.

There are million of peoples who is surffing thier alot of time on the internet.Because computer take place an important role in the alls departments like banks,schools,colleges,offices and also people buy a computer for a home usage.Computer is a very usefull and help machine,However most usage of the computer is dangerous for the healt.


Side Effects

research of an Europian sciencetist, a magzine of newzeland published a news an report about this
fact that.A young man sufferd from this fact and died instantly.The told the the man use computer
18 hours in a day due to which the Fatal phtkyan take place in the veens of the blood which
also badly effectd his lungs due to which he died.Peoples are also suffring from "T B" due to most usage of computer

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

What Is Wekipedia?

Wekipedia is the most famous website in the world.

We all know about this site but today
i wana share some common things about it,which help you to learn and know learn new things.
This is not a only website it is an encylopedia,it contains a lot of information about everything
which is present in the world.We canget alot of inoformation and learn many things from this site.

all over around the world.We can get information about the Famous peopels in the world.We can not only read we can also learn many things from this site.It contains diffrent tutorials about diffrent things.We can
also get inofrmation about the historical places or historical accidents.It contain million of books
which we can read.We can also get information about the it related things like history,feature,inventions.
We can also get the information about the companies which are present any where in the universe.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Use Full Information About Google

Some times we serach some thing and we dont get the exact result then we thought that google
is a huge serch engine but it is giving rong result,so it is not googl's falut it is our own fault.
Some times we type rong line and want to get the reuired result which is not possible.We get the
result acording to what we typed.There are many search opreators of Google today i gona share with you
some serch opreators of the google.

Exact Serach:

If We search the Computer Course then google shows some result like i Bought a new laptop for the Race
Course so google done his search but this result is not our required result.But if we type
the word with double commas like " Computer Course " then google will bring exact result for us .

With Out Any Important Word:

Like if we want to search Mobile but google brings result Mobile Vans,Mobile Police so if we
want to remove any word from the search then we can type Mobile-vans-police then google will
brings result in which Van and police will not present.

Searching For A File:

We can search any file with the help of google.Like if we need any computer course's notes
in PDF OR WORD formate.So if we need SQL server notes in PDF formate then we search SQL
Server NOTES filletype:PDF .

OR opreator:

Or opreator in a type of opreator in which we search like if we need inoformation about two mobile,
if we need to search a softwere for the NOkia mobile then we can serach as NOKIA 5530 softwer or 5800.With the help of this there is no need to search two times for two diffrent things.

Plus + Opreator:

The google ignores small keywaords like is,the,for,a and did not search it.Like we need to search
A movie name KungFu Hustle Part 1.The googler will not search (1) so we can search like
KungFu Hustle Part+1 with the help of this we can add small keywords in our searach.

Search Of Similar Words:

This is the best opreator to search the similar words.If we search about inoformation about motr cars
then Google will birng result like motor cycles,Trucks,BUS bu if we search information about~ cars
then we get the exact result with out Bus,trucks,etc.

Meaning Of Words:

If want to know the meaning of any word then google will helps us  to find the meaning of the word
and also define it.Like if we want to get information about Transistor then we can search
define:Transistor then google will bring diffrent results form diffrent websites.

Basic Concepts Of C++

c++ language is the mother of all programing languages,before learing any programing language
C++ is must learn first.Because the other programing language has to much ideas taken from the
C++ language.You will able to know the concepts of the other programing language by learing C++.
The concepts used in the C++ language also uses in the other programing languages.I am going
to share you few concepts which is uses in all programing languages.

What is Compiler?

Compiler is a type of softwere which is used in most programing languages.But in the C++ language
compiler do the works of transfers the instruction of c++ language into the Non executable machine

What is Linker?

Linker is a type of softwer which install automatically with the installation of C.Which changes
the non executable machine codes into the executable machine codes.

C Compiler

What is Reserve Words?
Reserve words are the type of words which done the other works in the C++ language.These words
cannot be used as a variables.Thats is why these words used as reserve words.

What is Reserbe Symbols?
Like the reserve words there are some reserve symbols like +,-,*,{},(),:

What is Statment And Instruction?
The combination of the reserve words and the reserve symbols is called statment.And all the
statments which is written in the C++ is called instructions.

What are Variables?
Variables is the most value able concept.Variable is an entity due to which value going on increasing
or decreasing.

What is constant?

Constant is also an entity but it is opoite to the variables.The value of the constant remains constant it
does not increases or decreases while the value of variables decreases or increases.

Paid To Click : Earning Money Online Easy and 100 % working Methode

Earning through internet is very easy but some of pepoles thought that it is not possible in
this thread i gona share with you few steps through which we can earn money from home.There are
million of peoples who are eanring through internet and living the rest of thier live.There
are diffrent methods available on the internet thorugh which we can earn money like,Bloging,
Data Entry Jobs,Advertising,surffinG adds ,Paid to Click (PTC).PTC is the best and simple methode
to earn money we can earn alot if we work hard and patiently.There are some methode through
which we can earn alot.

Paid To Click:

Paid to Click
Paid to Click

PTC means paid to click you can earn money by clicking adds which are given on the PTC websties
there are many ptc websites you can serch on google neobux is the best ptc site which helps you
to earn money.

How to earn ?

Find any gud ptc website and register an account thier.I suggest you the neobux.
After login to your account you will got some adds which you have to click and wait for few seconds
each click rewards you 0.01$.The click rate is low due to which pepoles does not take intrest to work.
But there are some methods which helps uou to earn 30 $ to 40 $ Per day.Keep clicking on adds every day
when your balance reaches to 0.60$ Then you should have to buy Referalls rent,You can buy
3 referalls with 0.60 $. Buying referalls will rewards you the earning of your referalls.
You will got 0.005 $ per click of you refralls.

0.005 per add multiplay 4 ads multiplay 3 referalls = 0.06$ per day

Keep clicking adds of your account and you will also got the referalls earning when your account reaches
again to the 0.60$ buy 3 more referalls.Which will increase your earning ,keeping buying referalls till
reaches to 300 referalls.Now your eanring will be

0.005 per add multiplay 4 ads multiplay 300 referalls = 6$ per day
6$  per day multiplay by 30 = 180 $ per month.

The earning proccess is little bit slow but you can alot with this methode.Many fake ptc websites
are available on the internet so becare full while chosing you pc website for work.

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Monday, 5 August 2013

What is Network?

In information technalogy transfering some data from one place to other place is done with
the any connected network.There are diffrent type of networks.

Local Are Network (LAN): In local are network micro computers are attached with one an other.
But local area network is a limited network like in a office if there are many computers
available ,or in a Internet cafe,more then one computer are attached with one and another
by the local cable,then this network is called local area network.There are two types of local
area networks.

i:- Server Base: In server base network one pc do the work of administrator and other computers
    worked as a clainet.
ii:- Pair Base: In pair to pair network every pc do the work of server and also client.In this
                network the speed of work increases because its directly send and recive inforamation.

2: Wide Area Network: This is the second type of network.In this type of network in which
all computers are attached through the satelite system.It is not a limited network it range is
much wide.With the help of this network we can connect with the whole world.Wirless media is
used in this network,wirless media is used to send and recive data in the form of frequency.
Local cable is not required to connect it.

3: Metropolitan Area Network: This is the third type of network ,it is similar to the wide area
network.But the diffrence is between WAN and MAN is that,Metroplitan net work is not as much wide
as Wan area network is it.MAN is limited to one city to another city or one country to an other
country.It also sends and recive data in the form of frequency.In metropolitan area network is
multiple system is used in which the server connected by the wirless system and the clients are
connected by the local cable.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

How To Install Clockwork Mood Recovery On Glaxy S3?

Clcokmod Recovery:

it is an recovery mood which can be installed by rplacing the orignal recovery mode of your
andriod set."Koush" is the developer of this recovery mode.Andriod 2.1 Eclair is he base of this
recovery image.There are some new features introduced in this recovery mood which are Nadnriod
backup,adb shell ,advance otpion through which you can browse files for update.zips.
CWM owerwrite the orignal softwere of your adnirod phone,you can flash a new Rom IN YOUR Andriod
phone such as Cynogen mde.

In this thread i will show you that how to install CWM recovery mode in you Glaxy S3 I747.
I was found this easy and simple way which helps you to install cwm easly.It would be helpful
and clear thread for you.Follow the given steps to install Cwm recovery.

Step By Step Guide:

Step 1: Download the CWM reocvery image For your device.You can download diffrent recovery images
        for your mobile phone.Just google it you will found much.

Step 2: Place the recovery image at the roof of your sd card and changes its name to  "recovery.IMG".
Step 3: Download the Terminal Emulator from the google app store.
Step 4: Install the terminal emulator and run it.
Step 5: In the terminal emulator type a command.

Type : su ( And press enter)
then type: dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18   ( Press Enter)
Some commands starts running on your device.

Note: Done mess with the commands ,if u mess then you device will be demage so becarefull.

Step 5: CWM Installed successfully Enjoy cwm recovery.

If you want to insall any new Rom on your mobile phone then you can root you device first and
then you are able to flash a new room in your andriod device.

What is Root?

Rooting is an method which helps you to get full access on your andriod phone.You can also
say the it is an method to geting the administrator account of you andriod deive.Rooting is
similar to the jailbreaking.

What is Rom?

Rom is a softwere which runs on your andriod device.There are many other roms available for
andriod phones which you can be install by diffrent methods.i will made an thread for installing
a new rom in glaxy s3 as soon as possible.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

How To Speed Up Windows 7?

I made this thread to show you that how to use your usb pen drive as a ram.

It will surely increase
performance of your computer without investment or buying a new ram.This feature is available on
windows XP,Vista and windows 7.You can can highest performance of system by doing this trick.
However it also can demage your usb pen drive so be carefull and use it on your own risk.
Note: The flash drive must b at least 1 gb and less then 4 gb.

Step By Step Guide:

Step 1: Connect your Usb drive with your computer and rename it to "RAM DRIVE"
Step 2: Formate your Usb also check the hidden files they must be deleted also.
Step 3: Go to My Computer's properties.
Step 3: Click on Advance setting and select Virtual Memory.
Step 4: Slect your pen drive and click on coustomize.
Step 5: check the available free memory of your pen drive and note it down.
Step 6: Restart Your computer and your wll computer will start now with additional Ram.

Note: The trick is maybe can  harmfull to your pen drive try it on your own risk.

Vista and 7 users Right click on thier usb pen drive and click on ready boost tab and
select your usb drive.Chose maximum space available of your pen drive and click on apply.
Now Your Usb Pen drive successfully mounted as Additional ram.Which helps you to increase your
system performance.If you disconect your usb then you should do that all process again.You can also
use other flash drives as Ram.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

How to Install Windows 7 From USB.

I made this thread to show you that how to install windows 7 through your Usb driver in your computer or laptop.You need a usb of 8 GB or more.A downloaded winodws 7 iso image or You can also create Iso image using Magic Disc.And make sure that your methor booard of computer or laptop spports Usb boot.

Note: Flash your Usb device first and make sure that it did not contain any other data.

Step By Step Guide:

Step 1: Download Microsoft offical tool for Install windows 7 from the Usb.Make sure that download
            latest version of Microsoft tool.

Step 2: Open the Microsoft tool and click on the browse button the select the Iso image of
            Windows 7.

Step 3: Click on the Begin Copying button an Eror will appear that Erase Your usb do not have
             enough space then click yes.It will erase yor usb data and made it empty.  

Andriod VS iOS

Andriod VS iOS:

 When it arrives to significant apps, the range among Android and iOS is commencing  to blur quickly. Selecting a smart phone or tablet platform should be a well-considered selection simply because changing from iOS to Android or viceversa will need you to purchase apps once again in the Google Play shop. Android is now the worlds most frequently used smart phone system and is utilised by numerous different phone companies. iOS is only utilised on Apple devices, just like the iPhone.

User interface

iOS and Android both equally use touch connects that have a whole lot in popular using, touching and zoom. Both operating-system start to a home-screen, which is comparable to a pc desktop. While an iOS home-screen only has lines of app icons, Android enables the use of widgets, which show auto-updating details such as weather conditions and e-mail. The iOS user interface characteristics a dock where people can pin their most usually used apps.A position bar works throughout the top on the two iOS and Android, providing details like the time, WiFi or mobile phone signal, and  power; on Android the position bar also displays the variety of recently received e-mails or text messages.Several different companies develop Android cell phones and they frequently involve some personalization over the vanilla Android expertise. e.g. HTC Sense or Samsung TouchWiz. Based upon your product and company, there may be pre-installed applications that are incorporated with your Android product.

Apps accessible on iOS vs Android

Android receives apps from Google Play, which presently has 600,000 apps accessible, the majority of which will work on tablets. On the other hand, some Android products, just like the Kindle Fire, use different app stores that have a small collection of apps accessible. Lots of initially iOS-only apps are now accessible for Android, such as Instagram and Pinterest, and Google’s much more open app-store indicates other special apps are also accessible, such as Adobe Flash Player and BitTorrent. Android also provides accessibility to Google-based applications, just like Youtube and Google Documents.

Program updates

Even though Google does update Android regularly, some people may possibly discover that they do not get the updates on their phone, or even buy mobile phones with out of date software. Mobile phone companies determine if and when to provide software updates. They may not provide an update to the newest edition of Android for all the mobile phones and tablets in their product or service line. Even when an update is presented, it is generally a number of months after the new edition of Android has been launched.

This is one place where iOS customers have a benefit. iOS updates are commonly accessible to all iOS products. There could be exclusions for products older than 3 years, or for specific functions like Siri, which was accessible for iPhone 4S customers but not for elderly editions of iPhone. Apple points out hardware functionality as the reason some old products may not get all new functions in an update.